Jack Iron

Snapshackle Belt // Bowline on Pull-Through Assembly

$50 $95

Nautically-inspired hardware.

Original. We spent years re-engineering the snapshackle, a marine hardware piece, into our two signature belt claps: the chunky "Bowline" and the sleek "Hitch". 

Handmade. All our stitching is done under the guidance of human hands with simple ingredients: leather, hardware, and stitching. 

Customized. Our hardware has been designed for customization thanks to no adhesives on the threading within our screws, which can be undone or tightened up with a small slot-headed screwdriver.

Sizing notes: As a general rule, we recommend taking your pants size +2 (e.g., I wear a size 34 pants, so I order a size 36 belt)

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