Making the Snap Shackle

The snap shackle is a powerful piece of nautical hardware, cast in stainless steel and used by sailors to hoist sails and secure lines while a boat is underway.

We have taken our inspiration—the snap shackle—and transformed it into our own signature hardware. To do this, we had to learn a little bit of just about everything from boatbuilding, design, and engineering to metal casting and leather crafting.

Our hardware is tied to the art and science of sailing and exploration. We’ve spent five years refining the sailboat snap shackle into two exclusive clasps: the Hitch Shackle and the Bowline Shackle. We have fondly named them after sailor knots.

Jack Iron Snap Shackles

Our signature snap shackles are found in each style of our belt, dog leash, and key fob. Each piece has its own unique character.

The clasping action of the hardware in the assembly of the belt puts minimal stress on the leather, lying flat against your body and ensuring that your belt ages beautifully, becoming more valuable to you over time.

The mechanics of the piece allow you to adjust the snap under a little bit of tension with just one free hand.

Snap Shackle Open